Eero 6 Plus Setup

Eero 6 Plus or eero 6+ is the second generation dual band WiFi 6 device. It offers additional WiFi bandwidth to access 160 MHz channel. The higher the channel bandwidth, the better WiFi speeds you get. That means you get sufficient WiFi for the whole family to stay online, live stream, play games online and much more.

On this page, we have covered eero 6+ setup steps. You can install this WiFi device easily using these instructions.


How to Set Up eero 6 Plus?

Eero 6+ can be set up using the eero app. You should first install the app on your iOS or Android device. Head to the application Store (App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android) and download the app from there. This is to be noted that you are installing the app from the right platform.

Start With This!

  • Power down the internet modem if you have one.
  • If you have an existing router, unplug it and remove it from the network.
  • Any other devices that are connected to the modem should be removed as well.

Now, carry out the setup by following the steps highlighted below:

1. Create an eero Account

NOTE: You can also use the Amazon account details to log in to the eero app.

2. Log in to the App

Using the Amazon account or eero account details, log in to the app. Make sure that the login details are entered correctly.

3. Set Up eero Gateway

If you have a set of more than one eero 6 Plus then one of them should be used as the main gateway. The other eeros will be connected to the gateway.

4. Create eero Network

5. Add eero 6 Plus Extender

You can now add more eeros to your network.

You have successfully completed eero 6 plus setup. Now connect the devices in your home to eero network. Select the SSID that you created and insert the WiFi password and join the network.

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